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Because I Said So....

So There!

10 February 1982
Yes, I admit it - - I have no life! So write to me already! I assure you, I'm not nearly the major freakboy that I appear to be just from reading my LJ profile.
24, a.j. trauth, aaron carter, adam lamberg, alanis morrisette, avril lavigne, backstreet boys, ben curtis, blink 182, blow jobs, bob barker, boys, brotherhood, buffy the vampire slayer, central park west, chad michael murray, charmed, chris pontius, christopher gorham, circle jerks, cryokinesis, dan miller, deities, delta sigma phi, democratic underground, drew fuller, drew tyler bell, dudes, earth final conflict, eleanor roosevelt, ellen degeneres, empowerment, eric johnson, eric lively, erik von detten, gay, gay boys, gay marriage, getting messy, getting naked, gilmore girls, gluttony, golden girls, griffin frazen, group showers, gunge, handball, harriet tubman, hedonism, homoeroticism, homosexuality, hot dudes, hot guys, houston rose, immortality, independent politics, jack desena, jacking off, jacob young, jared padalecki, jaridians, jimmy eat world, joey fatone, josh server, judge judy, kett turton, kevin zegers, kimera, kyle howard, lance bass, levitation, lfo, lisa rinna, lisa whelchel, locker rooms, lost, margaret cho, megan mullaly, melrose place, miniature golf, miss cleo, mythology, naked guys, nice boys, nsync, nudity, ostriches, otown, paganism, paul walker, paul wasilewski, paula poundstone, peanut butter cups, peanuts comics, penises, pesto, politics, polytheism, reba, revolutions, riley smith, roar, rob van winkle, sarah brightman, savannah, scooby doo, sensitive guys, shane west, shawn ashmore, shopping, showers, skater boys, sliders, smallville, smash mouth, steve howey, streakers, streaking, strong medicine, surfer boys, survivor, susan powter, taelons, taylor handley, teleportation, television, telling people off, tgi fridays, the george lopez show, tracy bingham, trevor penick, val emmich, vortices, whacking off, wheat bread, whoopi goldberg, working out, writing